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How do you properly express what a person has done for you in a way that properly expresses the gift that they have given you in language of pure joy? The planning, the connections, the level of beauty in each accommodation, the sense of security, the amazing and generous guides, the relationships with the hosts, the special events that make each moment more memorable than the last... this is what Astrid Graf has given me in the incredible journey to South Africa and Zimbabwe that she planned for my daughter and me. In addition to possessing magical qualities, she is kind, patient, humble, passionate, knowledgeable, brilliant, thorough, organized and a great reader of people. I WILL go to Africa again and there is no human more capable of creating and curating a trip of a lifetime than this wonderful and talented human. Astrid, thank you thank you thank you for the incredible gift you have given me. I will never forget all the wonderful things you have given me.

Leslie Jasperson

Thanks, Astrid! We did have a wonderful time! Everything you organized was great. We really loved Zulu Nyala, our guide, and all the outside trips. We really enjoyed the outside of the reserve day trips, like the St. Lucia river tour(Phil swam in the Indian Ocean) and the Elephant Encounter at Bayette. We found out that the larger game reserves don’t do the outside trips so we were so glad that we were at Zulu Nyala. We got the rare chance of seeing a leopard—twice! Our guide was so excited that he drove off road and got a flat tire. We were thrilled with all the animals we got to see. Parker Cottage was great and staff was so helpful. All the flights that you organized in Africa were well-timed and went well. We saw some people struggle and stress over flights because they didn’t time it right for customs, etc. We attended an African service on Easter morning before our flight. It was a great way to end our time in Africa.

Janet & Phil R

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you… for arranging an absolutely lovely itinerary. South Africa is breathtaking! We were beyond satisfied, and all of the people who helped along the way — from the airport drivers (particularly Lori who provided a sense of calm and warmth the day we were leaving ZN and educated us about SA/Zulu history on the way to the airport) to Rudi, our magnificent ZN safari guide, to Alan and Dominic over at Cape22, and to dearest Vince, who was a pleasure to learn from and a joy to explore Cape Town with — only enhanced our experiences and helped cement unforgettable memories in all of us.

The Ray Family

We had a FANTASTIC time and an amazing adventure! Thank you for the lovely itinerary and seamless arrangements. South Africa and Victoria Falls have hooked our hearts and souls. I’ll try to give you a concise recap:

As novice safari goers we thoroughly enjoyed Zulu Nyala. Beautiful setting and plentiful animals. We’d like to adopt our guide, Philemon, but he has a family of his own. His calm demeanor, knowledge, judgement and kindness greatly endeared him to us. We’ll miss him. Room and staff were quite good. We enjoyed the pool daily. Our only complaint might be the facilities expansion adjacent to the restaurant. Not a big deal. Most meals were good. Lunches were hit or miss. We were well fed overall. We went on all game drives and added the elephant interaction, St. Lucia cruise, and cheetah rescue excursions. All well worth the effort.

Ted, Kate & Patrick

Randy and I had a great time, and all the hard work and planning that you did paid off. The game lodge Zulu Nyala was wonderful and the people could not have been nicer. Our guide for the week Bernadett did a great job of helping with the mission of photographing the game, she is also an avid photographer so that help a lot. Craig from Rhino tours was fantastic he met us on out last night at Zulu Nyala as planned and we talked about the rest of the journey. He was able to be flexible with the itinerary so that we had lots of time photographing game and that was very much appreciated. The Kwa Mbili Game Lodge was perfect, just small enough to make it enjoyable and not be overcrowded on the game drives. The staff and meals were fantastic Over all I think we would give African Eyes and Rhino Tours an A. And highly recommended other use your company for their African travel plans.


Astrid has been so patient with me while I spent a year back & forth deciding when to go. Every time I reached out she answered my questions. Once I was ready to book she came up with spectacular prices & arrangements... prices I couldn't find looking for almost a year on my own! Astrid is very seasoned & knowledgeable in what she does.

Dana C

Astrid worked with me on the planning of a 16 day trip to So. Africa.  She asked a lot of questions to make sure that she understood our goals and then went to work arranging the itinerary.  The trip was outstanding from start to finish.  The properties that she reserved for us were beautiful and the service we received was perfect.  The tours in Cape Town were exactly what we wanted to see.  And the game resorts that she reserved for us were incredible; both in services and accommodations.  I highly recommend Astrid and African Eyes Travel.

Michael S

Astrid helped us plan a trip of a lifetime and she knocked it out of the park! Can't wait for our next African adventure.

Jason Fields

What an incredible adventure that was personally developed by this company. The personal service is what sets this agency apart from the rest. I cannot imagine our incredible trip without African Eyes coordinating the arrangements. What I loved was being able to discuss the items we wanted to visit, then sitting back & allowing them to work. No detail was overlooked, not one transfer was missed. Along the way, we listened to stories from people who did their own coordination & some of them were horror stories. We were so glad we allowed African Eyes to make our arrangements. If you are planning to travel to Africa, don't do the planning yourself, allow the pros from African Eyes to take the guesswork out. You will not be sorry.

Ken Hooper

Personal, friendly service. They have an amazing amount of knowledge about the areas they offer to their clients and have visited/stayed in all the places they recommend. They work with local communities on the ground..

Margaret Georges Norah

Astrid is so helpful and knowledgeable. It's so powerful being able to talk to another woman who travels alone when you consider traveling to an entirely new continent. The resources and quality of information is beyond what I ever imagined. At the same time, the heart of this business is Astrid's deep and personal relationships with every business she uses. She offers extraordinary services at a beyond fair price.

Becca in Denver

Professionalism and Quality. After winning a trip at an auction, I went and met with Astrid. At first there truly was a language barrier, but we had that worked out. I told her what I was looking for and she set us up with a private guide throughout our 3 week tour. She did an amazing job on every place that we stayed at and we were amazed at the places! Our guide was fabulous in driving us from place to place and explaining about the country and people. We had the best time ever. We did book our own flights as we did use miles to upgrade and it was easier for us then her. We are planning, when it opens back up to go back and spend maybe 4 weeks this time. I will let her book where we stay as she does visit these places when she goes over there, so she knows the people and how they treat their clients. It was the most fabulous trip my husband and I had ever taken, (and we have traveled the world).

Gary Springstead

We just got back from an incredible trip to Africa. Astrid did a great job organizing a 3 week adventure for us our guides , hotels, luxury tents , airport transfers went perfectly. She gave us advice, and information, an easy to understand itinerary . She was referred to us, and we happily refer her to everyone . Thank you Astrid for an incredible trip of a lifetime . We are so grateful .

Mary “Ranchpups” Smith

Astrid was simply wonderful to work with. We purchased several safaris at an auction and she worked with our group to expand our stay based upon our interests and budget. Every place we stayed was truly amazing. We had an incredible trip. We booked our own flights using miles and then when all of our in-country flights were cancelled two days before the trip (due to the airline suspending operations) she told me not to worry and that she would take care of it. She knew I was scrambling with last minute appointments and work before leaving town. When we continued to have travel issues once in Africa, she stayed up past midnight her time to help us out while we were at the airport in South Africa. I really can't say enough positive things about her and her services. We will definitely use her again when we (hopefully) return to Africa!

Karyn Ward

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