Astrid Graf

Originally from the Seychelles Islands I joined African Eyes Travel in 2006.

My love for Africa was born the day I joined the company! Anita Forsyth, the founder of the company who is from South Africa, enthralled me with her stories, anecdotes and knowledge of Southern Africa. This wonderful part of the world has so much to offer. Many past clients have come back totally touched by the warmth of the people and their cultures, the beauty of the land and the wildlife. It is vast and varied and there is so much to do.
Let us custom build your dream African Trip for you! We specialize in FIT and small groups.

We plan your trip around your interests, and your budget and length of stay. We have a great team of professional and very knowledgeable guides and representatives who will be with you throughout your trip. We put these trips, so your accommodations (luxury or budget) are carefully chosen to make sure you get a good “mix” of places to stay. Those properties will range from the Ultra Luxury Hotels to Boutique Hotels and Guesthouses with charm. All will be well-located, clean and safe. Your hosts are warm and welcoming and always go the extra mile. We invite you to our offices for an interview with us. (Conference calls and emails work well too for those outside of Denver).This way we can talk about your particular interests, available time for the trip and your budget.

For those who prefer to travel in small groups, we will be glad to arrange something specific just for your small group. Enjoy your travels in beautiful Africa! [ninja_form id=1]